Into million stars, by Zaira

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The biggest lesson I’ve learn over my 25 years of music career is that no matter how hard we work and prepared, we will always end up in the same place, the beginning.

Some how like the rota fortunae.   We are curious to know how we will get to the top of the rota and how we will feel once we get there. We pre rehearse  the arrival, with mind games and fun strategies. There is never enough time to be prepared for such intrigue journey . As soon we reach the  culmination, we experience the taste of glory,  a similar sensation that  occurs  when we are touched by the clean white clouds.  We closed our eyes trying to make  the feeling last longer, we want more of  the magical  fresh air that quickly evaporates.

As soon as we open our eyes we have to decent from that  ecstasies and start all over again. The best experiences  only comes into  good quality portions.

…Innocently,  we sit down with our great companions, “the chair” and our lover “the instrument”   with so much optimism  that one day  our hard work will pay off. We are certain that people will  recognize the message we want to give and  share through our performances. We build castles while looking into the starry  sky. The millions of starts are with us protecting us and making our dream come true . We chant  and chant to the universe that as  soon as we learn and memorize  that difficult composition  we will  tour the world and perform it  in the best concert halls, record CDs, have a full time job as well as sharing our music with the community  and encouraging  thousands of people to listen to us , why  not?  everybody needs music, its simple!

Thousands of hrs pass by without even noticing.   We practice and practice to reach that place call perfection –  I couldn’t have the left hand  as clean as my ears demand, I must find out why.

We try and try  so many different techniques and tricks in order to feel beyond prepared, super prepare,  because we all know that when the time comes we wan to fly and feel free, free of worry… We let go and start improvising or perhaps composing ?  what if I take a break from practicing and start creating with  this chords and scales this way or the other way .. we even take a pause to google that poem that could describe how we feel in that moment  , just to inspire us or give us ideas…